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We amplify your business reach with the most seamless AI solutions.

We’re well known for
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Voice based solutions
  • Communication plug-ins like WhatsApp API & RCS Business Messaging
  • Google Business Messaging & Apple Business Messaging

Foxglove is one of the leading messaging platforms which enables powerful and intelligent engagements with customers on a global scale. It holds onto traffic of more than 150 million messages per month and has proudly served thousands of satisfied customers across diverse industry verticals. Foxglove’s communication portal provides a rich conversational experience. It facilitates your business with a framework which caters to the customers for a better user experience in the competitive market with the latest cloud communication services.

Foxglove Connect, which was incorporated in 2018 with the virtue of impactful work presence is now turning out to be a work partner of IMAland.
It is ISO certified – ISO 9001: 2015 and is listed as a start-up India company.

Enhance and Engage

Automate your marketing to get the most out of your efforts. Encourage action at any point in the marketing funnel, from client retention to conversation to awareness.

Acquisition and retention

To foster customer loyalty and boost customer retention, send relevant messages on the platforms where your audience is most likely to read and respond.

Note- The points below can be integrated with infographics and creatives.

  • Seamless Engagement
  • Joyful conversations
  • Reliable and Trusted
  • Amplifies your business reach
  • Generates higher response rate


  • Application Gateway

    An application gateway is a program which acts as a firewall proxy. It provides an additional protection layer against unauthorized network traffic. Moreover, it can be known even by the terms "application proxy" or "application-level gateway."

  • Voice Based Solution Application

    Voice-based applications employ speech recognition algorithms to recognize spoken languages and take appropriate action. This software attempts to translate the sound into text after analyzing it. These applications are accessible for devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

  • Fconnect CSAT Survey-

    Foxglove helps to Navigate, understand and interpret the customer’s behavioral pattern in a very subtle and easy way with the help of Fconnect CSAT tool which enables you to acquire results and monitor them online immediately.

  • Cloud Operator CET (Customer Experience Tool) -

    You couldn’t ask for a better way of giving your business a human touch to connect with the audience in a better manner. Cloud Operator CXT is a tool which can be used to receive and interpret voice commands and directives with the help of AI based voice technology. Systems can interact and respond to human questions in natural language (NLP).

  • Cloud Operator AMS (Appointment Management System) –

    This tool is more or less similar to Cloud Operator CET. Cloud Operator AMS can be used to receive and interpret voice commands and directives with the help of AI based voice technology. Systems can interact and respond to human questions in natural language (NLP).

  • Emergency Cloud Operator

    Safety compliance is of utmost importance in the modern era. Make your premises safer and secure with Emergency Cloud Operator. It’ll help in managing panic like situations and reduce casualties in case of any emergency.


Messaging Solution

Enterprise Messaging

Software applications and systems can communicate effectively through the enterprise messaging system (EMS). By sending specific messages back and forth across the business, the semantics may be applied. Where there is a human-to-human interface, EMS may be used to describe email, fax, or instant messages. EMS messages, on the other hand, are asynchronous and contain report and event data designed to be retrieved by enterprise systems rather than by individuals.

Apple Business Messaging

With the help of Apple Messages for Business, your business may use the Messages app to communicate directly with customers. You may also help your customers resolve problems, make plans, buy things, or pay with Apple Pay by utilising the full potential of the iMessage framework. For the purpose of handling client inquiries through Messages for Business, businesses work with a Messaging Service Provider (MSP). Depending on your configuration, your clients may use your website, app, emails, or other touch points to initiate a conversation through a Messages for Business entry point. Customers may also locate your company and initiate contact with you via Apple Maps or by tapping on your phone number, depending on your configuration.

With Apple Business, you can chat with your clients 24x7, 365 days and give them a personalized customer experience. Send out messages that are consistent and customized, and improve the customer experience. Boost your income. Expand your company. Simple Integration. Identify your target audience.

WhatsApp Business API

With automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots, and interactive messages, businesses can automate communication by using WhatsApp Business API. In simple words, WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to create a bespoke communication channel that suits their customer’s needs in the best possible manner.With a powerful Whatsapp API, modernise and enhance your customer experience. Connect with your consumers in the simplest yet most dependable way possible.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

The modern protocol for communication between message providers, telecom providers, and OEMs for rich multimedia messaging is known as Rich Communication Service. It has all you need for advanced communications of the newest generation.

You must be thinking…….what can be done with Rich Communication Services?
Well, here we have a list.
Send branded message, establish chat groups, send high-resolution media, such as pictures, audio files, videos, and gifs, as well as deep links to CTAs, and get an understanding of how well your messages are performing.

ILDO SMS (International Long-Distance Operator SMS)

Bulk SMS can be delivered to international customers via International Long-Distance operator routes, which is an effective strategy for quickly reaching a huge audience internationally.

Voice Solution

Cloud Operator

The Cloud Operator is a solution that enables businesses to gather leads or enquiries under one roof even when their representatives are not physically present in the same location. It is a unique, clever, thoughtful and methodical technique to raise the visibility of your brands identity.

Missed Call

Whether you need a new missed call number for your business or you want to integrate it on your business website or marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered with missed call numbers.Let your customers call you without any hesitation with toll free numbers.

Out bound dialer

A software or cloud-based service called an outbound dialer enables your contact centre to place outgoing calls. Your agents' efficiency and productivity will increase with the assistance of the outbound dialling systems.

Cloud Conference

Cloud conference is a cloud-based digital solution. It allows businesses to set instant high definition calls or video meetings. It is a very efficient and economical way to set up an audio or video call conference.

Inbound Dialer

Inbound dialer is when customer service agents or enquiry agents respond to incoming calls. This can intensify Brand-customer relationship and overall customer care services.

Cloud Chitchat (Call Center Solution)

Cloud Chitchat is used to manage incoming and outgoing calls as well as some leads for potential future conversations.

Toll free number

Facilitate your business with a toll free number.

A toll-free number is a phone number that starts with one of the toll-free codes —919990599399. A toll-free number allows the person calling to call the number (your company), without paying any charges.
All your customers and prospects can call you with inquiries without needing to spend any money.

Cloud Executive- Click to call

The Click-to-Call link feature, as its name implies, enables potential clients to connect with a company representative in real-time by just clicking the Contact Us or Call Now button they see on the company's website or mobile application. By simply entering their phone number on the company website or app, users can also receive a call from any company using this sort of digital communication.

This feature is extremely helpful for customer-facing employees across industries because sometimes customers only want to speak to a real person.


Foxglove offers vaccination/immunization alerts and reminders, health awareness campaigns, information about health camps, and post-camp messaging. We also help you create in-depth m-surveys using our Fconnect CSAT tool and monitor results online immediately.


Foxglove offers SMS and Voice solutions based on a platform that they can use to communicate with their clients on reminders for services due, renewals, insurance,new product launch, exciting offers and other seasonal information.


By sending voice and text-based circulars, Foxglove makes sure that all parents are informed of alerts for classroom activities, payment reminders, important announcements and other informationrelated to curriculum.


By transmitting real-time agricultural information for greater agricultural output and market access, Foxglove assists in making your agricultural initiatives more effective. Send out a two-minute audio presentation on the finest farming techniques and collect farmer input.


Managing your finances couldn’t get any easier. For financial transactions, EMI re-payment reminders, monthly subscription deduction alerts, and other information, Foxglove offers their customers the Mobile-Alert Solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Foxglove’s adaptable cloud communication services equips your business to manage the potential customers with the assistance of SMS, Voice based Solutions and other M-communication mediums. We will assist you to communicate with your customers and web visitors in the best possible way.

  • In today’s digital era, every business needs a software or a cloud communication platform in order to make the most out of their digital presence. To facilitate something more to your customers apart from the In-build features, you need to integrate external plugins which are totally different from the inhouse system andFoxGlove is known to be the most trusted when it comes to plugin integrations.

  • Because we’re ultimately the best. Wait, you don’t believe it?
    FoxGlove is the leading SAAS provider with a huge clientele which includes top brands. Brands have trusted us for services and you can too.

SMS Plugins

A program can have software extensions which are usually referred to as plugins. Plugins can be added to your website to increase itsfunctionality and facilitate your customers with additional services apart from the other inbuilt website features.

Some of the most powerful SMS Plugins are mentioned below.

Shopify SMS Plugin

Shopify gives you the ability to manage the operations of your online store. Your Shopify store will receive free SMS integration using our Shopify app. Whenever an order is placed, shipped, or when the status of the order changes.
You can always update your customers and store managers by text message sent directly to their mobile phones with the SMS Alert Shopify app. The Shopify SMS Alert app enables you to have a quick and hassle-free connectivity.
Now your Shopify website can be connected with Zapier.

WordPress SMS Plugin

The WordPress SMS Alert plugin was created with the primary goal of making it easier to integrate SMS on any WordPress-enabled website. More than 4000 active WordPress websites use the plugin, which includes a multitude of special features.

OpenCart SMS Plugin

The OpenCart SMS alert services is available to integrate on any OpenCart enabled website. It facilitates the user with automated and timely SMS alerts.

Magento SMS Plugin

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that facilitates catalogue creation and maintenance. A lot of things need to be managed when running an eCommerce business, so today's business owners are searching for a better platform to help their business grow.

By integrating SMS plugin with Magento, you can manage operations easily and keep your clients notified.

When you make an order for something you want to buy, our plugin will send you an SMS with the order's details. This helps you stay informed about the status of your shipment. You can feel secured and connected with this plugin.

WooCommerce Plugin

The most popular open-source eCommerce platform in the world of eCommerce is WooCommerce.

By integrating SMS plugin with Magento, you can manage operations easily and keep your clients notified.

Use WooCommerce to create a store that effectively combines content and commerce, whether you're starting a business,Shifting brick-and-mortar retail online, or creating websites for clients.

Excel Plugins

You may expand the functionality of the Excel application on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPad, and on a web browser.

By integrating SMS plugin with Magento, you can manage operations easily and keep your clients notified.

Use WooCommerce to create a store that effectively combines content and commerce, whether you're starting a business,Shifting brick-and-mortar retail online, or creating websites for clients.

Excel plugins can be used in a workbook to:

  • Read and write Excel data and interact with Excel objects
  • Using a web-based task pane or content pane, extend functionality
  • Add customised menu items or ribbon buttons
  • Integrate unique functionality
  • Utilize dialogue windows to provide richer interaction


A powerful SMS system called SMS Manager allows you to automatically send SMS messages to your clients in response to specific situations (such as SMS for client login, SMS for a new invoice, SMS for an overdue invoice, etc.). With the help of this system, you can also offer two-factor authentication to your users, which will need them to enter a code that is sent to their phones upon login in order to access the admin or client areas.


Foxglove is always willing to shake hands with motivated, talented, and inspiring people. We provide excellent opportunities in mobile communication segment of the newest generation. Work hard, step outside of your comfort zone, and never stop learning. Make your work a source of joy and love.

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